Chris Cruise is Flying Flags in D.C.; Dr. Kwane Watson’s Biz Brings the Dentist to You





What is it that makes entrepreneurs so determined? Most of the ones I’ve talked to here on the Rusty Satellite Show have faced some adversity, and simply created something that needed sharing with the world. And many are simply not content with being a success measured by money or status. They want to DO something important that affects others in a positive way.

You might say that Chris Cruise got a fortunate break after he lost his six-figure job and focused his attention on his business (Cruise Custom Flags). He got great exposure when Fox News chose to feature his company on national TV, prompting thousands of orders. Cruise is making his own breaks, though. He created a program that allowed him to donate $70,000 to organizations in the fight against COVID. He’s expanding his product line, and will soon need to hire more veterans in his shop.

And this weekend he will be the only Kentucky craftsman in the White House for a special Made in America event, where his patriotism and support for veterans’ causes will be known.  Listen in to hear Cruise’s passion about his business, family and country.

Dr. Kwane Watson also comes by his entrepreneurism naturally. He got his dentistry degree from UK and set out to practice in Louisville. But he also figured out how to build an app that was intended to help insurance companies. But he couldn’t sell it, so Watson came up with a plan to use the app to help dentists expand or start practices, including a fully-equipped dental van that makes house calls.

Watson won a Vogt Award and will be presenting his company at their Demo Day event Oct. 15, along with recent guests Ricky Mason, Natalia Bishop, and Matt Langan.

Thanks to the Eye Care Institute and Heuser Health for sponsoring the show, and remember that I’ll be doing an OPEN HOUSE for eXp Realty this Sunday in Lake Forest.