Craig Greenberg Is Literally Running for Mayor; Bright Forecasts with Andy Weingarten


When he began strategizing on how to campaign for Mayor of Louisville, his hometown, Craig Greenberg decided to really run. He’s mapped all 623 local precincts and plans to literally run through every one. On his website, he invites anyone to join him on these jogs.

At his campaign HQ in Butchertown, Greenberg shows up every day focused on his campaign, which may be one reason he’s the early favorite in the race. The field includes businesswoman Carla Dearing, activist Tim Findley, Circuit Court Clerk David Nicholson, funeral home operator Anthony Oxedine and Shameka Parrish-Wright, an activist. Greenberg is organized and energetic, enthusiastic about talking over his plan. Greenberg gave up a prestigious position with 21C Hotels to run for Mayor.

He’s also a Ballard High School graduate, as is my other guest, meteorologist Andy Weingarten. An admitted geek when it comes to weather, Andy was motivated to become a weatherman after witnessing the April 3, 1974 tornado as a teen. He learned the craft of weather prognostication in Oklahoma, and since the early 2000s was a fixture on local TV at WHAS and WAVE.

These days he’s no longer on the air, but keeps busy running a business, chasing four grandkids and bowling two nights a week. That’s right, he’s on my Monday night team at Ten Pin Lanes, where his average is significantly better than mine.

If you’re following the soap opera at the University, you can’t wait until the next episode to find out if Vince and Neeli will make up, or will Vince leave since he couldn’t get rid of Scott. And will Chris recover after an extortion threat from Dino? It’s high drama that keeps people talking, much the way it did when the key characters were named Rick, Bobby, Tom and James.

Meanwhile, there’s new life in the old Hopcat building in the Highlands, which could figure into a future book by local favorite David Domine. The author of “A Dark Room in Glitter Ball City” will be our next speaker at the Breakfast of Champions, Jan. 11 at the Louisville Thoroughbred Society.

Enjoy this episode of the city’s longest-running and most interesting podcast, brought to you by Hectare’s CBD, Salsarita’s Fresh Mexican Grill and eXp Realty.