Darrell Griffith’s Good Life; Talking Teaching, and Contracts, with Brent McKim


If you’ve only heard about the Doctor of Dunk, you can’t imagine what it was like to live here in the late 1970s. I was fortunate enough to see Darrell Griffith play in high school, and saw him become one of the game’s greatest players in the college and pro level. Now, he’s settled in his hometown doing plenty of positive work — as a special advisor to U of L, as a restaurant operator and as a contributor to the community. His program at the West End School, where the Athletic Center bears his name, is making a difference in the lives of young people in the area.

You’ve probably seen JCTA president Brent McKim on local newscasts, promoting teachers and battling over a contract with the JCPS School Board. With the start of school imminent, the teachers are working toward a new contract, and I ask Brent what it’s going to take to get it done, and about his opinion of the controversial superintendent.

There’s plenty of other news to discuss, including my trip to the Hopcat on Bardstown Road (featured in EatDrinkTalk.net) and my talk with Stanley Chase, founder of Louisville Vegan Jerky.

JCTA President Brent McKim in his office at Watterson West, which has a poster of Darrell Griffith on it. Photo by Bill Brymer
At Griff’s, Darrell will pose with any fan, including this one.
Chatting with Brent McKim. Photo by Bill Brymer
Chatting with Brent McKim. Photo by Bill Brymer