Dating Chic with Lori Cheek; Session Scoop with Morgan McGarvey


It’s the last Rusty Satellite Show of 2014, and we’ll take a look back at some of the cool guests who have appeared on the show from the worlds of politics, sports, media, the arts and business.

Lori Cheek, a Spencer County native, left the security of a career in architecture to help people find their true loves using technology. You’ll find out what being Cheek’d is all about.

Morgan McGarvey is the second youngest member of the Kentucky Senate, but he got started professionally by covering a big political story in Missouri for a TV station. Find out what he thinks will go down, and up, in the upcoming legislative session.

We look ahead to the big Cardinals vs. Wildcats battle at the Yum! Center, and get ready for 2015.

Morgan McGarvey
Lori Cheek