Down the Rabbit Hole with Kaveh Zamanian; Art and Activism with Vian Sora and Kara Nichols


with guest co-host Cyndy Tandy

Rusty goes back to its beginnings with guest co-host Cyndy Tandy, a guest on the very first Rusty Show. Cyndy is a great co-host and all-around person in-the-know, and host of her own Louisville Uncovered series of video spots.

First up is Kaveh Zamanian, a former psychologist who decided to open a distillery in NuLu. The Rabbit Hole

with guest co-host Cyndy Tandy
with guest co-host Cyndy Tandy

bourbon brand is now on the market, and in a year will be the focus of tons of activity in a spectacular new facility that will change the dynamic in NuLu.

At the 1619 Flux Art and Activism building on West Main, owner Kara Nichols is bringing a spotlight to activism in her sparkling new facility that’s been open only since April. This Friday is the opening of a solo show by Vian Sora, an internationally-acclaimed artist born in Irag, but a Louisville resident since 2009.

In between the interviews, Cyndy and I discuss the new Brown Hotel roof garden, the Cards’ upcoming Friday night clash with Duke, and get into a discussion of the upcoming Presidential election, and how unfit and unsafe a candidate Donald Trump is for the Oval Office. Plus, plenty of other cool goings on in our favorite city.

Kevah Zamanian at the Rabbit Hole. Photo by Bill Brymer
Vian Sora and Kara Nichols at the 1619 Flux Art + Activism