Drawing It Up with Marc Murphy; Mike Ward’s Marijuana Mission


I love how powerful political cartoons are, and how they get such strong reactions, especially from those who disagree with the message. Marc Murphy, a mild-mannered attorney by day, loves it when his Courier-Journal drawings get people thinking about the political issues of the day. And these are good times for Marc, who says that the new gov, Matt Bevin, is easy to draw.

It doesn’t make sense to me that Kentucky is not among the leading states in legalizing marijuana, and we’ve got some backward rural legislators to blame for that. But Mike Ward, former U.S. Congressman, has formed an organization to do something about that. Ward’s new organization, Legalize Kentucky Now, is pushing to get medical marijuana legalized in Kentucky.

In the news, listen for my take, and my thank you, for wasting your money on the Powerball, and a new story shows that the St. Matthews Police must have been making up all that stuff about a juvenile crime wave that led to a new policy at the Mall. I can tell you why you should take Uber or Lyft the next time you go out, and help you become a driver yourself. And finally, we had a successful Breakfast of Champions with Theresa Reno-Weber, one my guests on last week’s show. Thanks for downloading the Rusty Satellite Show.

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Marc Murphy at his office at Stites & Harbison
Former Congressman Mike Ward at the Louisville.am studio.


This recent cartoon by Marc Murphy stirred up some controversy. Courier-Journal
This recent cartoon by Marc Murphy stirred up some controversy. Courier-Journal