Ed Hart’s Kingdom and Joe Arnold Sings on Rusty #24

At his office, Ed Hart

It’s just a coincidence, believe me, that the man who successfully sued WHAS-TV for $7 million is on the same show as a WHAS-TV reporter.

I’ve been trying to get Ed Hart on the show for a while. He finally agreed, and we had a great talk at his office on Bardstown Road. Hart and I go way back — I first wrote about him when I was back at Business First. He was unhappy with the paper for a story done before I’d gotten there and had refused interview requests for a while. I’m not sure why he finally relented. Then I wrote about his lawsuit against WHAS-TV for LEO. It was a long and complicated case. Later I worked with him when I was a member of Bruce Lunsford’s campaign staff in 2007. I’ve also followed closely his movie production business and his decision to donate enough money to get the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting off the ground.

In the show he reveals more that I didn’t know, like the number of new rides and attractions that are planned for the May opening of Kentucky Kingdom.

I caught up with Joe Arnold in a part of town I’d never seen before – the corner of 39th and Market in West Louisville. Joe’s a versatile reporter for WHAS-TV, he’s anchored and covered just about everything there, but he’s also the only best reporter on politics on local TV. Listen to learn about his other hidden talent — as a trained singer.

Ever since I was working in the kiosk industry and learned about gift cards — how much of the money spent on them goes unspent, to the benefit of retailers and credit card companies, I’ve been ranting about those impersonal gift cards. It’s like giving money with strings attached — so I hope you’ll reconsider this season and buy your loved ones an actual gift.

There’s more in the show, including a short discussion of my visit to New Orleans to see the real Rusty Satellite — my son Nick, pictured here. Please listen to the show and tell your friends.


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