Faith in Compassion with Mustafa Gouverneur; Making Good on Jill’s Wish with Bart Conley and Jim Sheehy


It’s a really compassionate episode of the Rusty Satellite Show, where this week’s most interesting people in the ‘Ville are busy doing good work. Mustafa Gouverneur is the director of communications at the Center for Interfaith Relations. Next week he’s helping host the Festival of Faiths, an event that brings people from all religions to Louisville for a series of informative and entertaining sessions. Gouverneur himself has an interesting tie to our city, though he has spent most of his life in Europe.

The Jill’s Wish charity is inspiring, because it showcases the short life of Jill Conley, who fought a brave fight with great spirit against cancer. Her husband Bart and local ad executive Jim Sheehy are on the board of the charity, which holds is biggest bash of the year, April 29, the week before the Derby. You’ll want to hear about it, and you’ll want to go to it at Bowman Field.

In the news, we are glad to finally find out that the Louisville City FC soccer stadium site is. . . in Butchertown, where it’s likely to help boost business for a lot of new hotels and restaurants when it opens in 2020. I chat with Jim and Bart about the oddest story of the week — the Elizabethtown doctor dragged off a United Airlines plane on its way here from Chicago. We also mention my EatDrinkTalk interview with Stephen Bowles, a master of the barbecue pit.

Join me for a great Rusty Satellite Show, where you’ll always meet the most interesting people in the ‘Ville.


Mustafa Gouverneur. Photo by Bill Brymer
Mustafa Gouverneur. Photo by Bill Brymer