Focus on Local Food with Caroline Heine; Gary Fox’s Apron Event


We’re talking food, local food and restaurants, with my guests Caroline Heine and Gary Fox. Caroline is the force behind the West Louisville FoodPort project, which is amazing in its size and ambition, and will be a boon to economic development in the West End and throughout the city.

Gary is the founder of Apron, Inc., which raises money to help restaurant workers (at independent establishments) who fall on hard times and need a temporary financial boost. The shindig planned for The Olmsted on Sunday will feature scrumptious food and cocktails brought to you by many of our acclaimed local chefs.

In the news, I had a chance to hear and think about changes in the music industry by attending a Louisville Forum panel discussion starring Ben Sollee, who reports that he is the city’s newest full-time resident, so that’s good news. Last weekend, I went to Nolin Lake and experience some culture shock. I loved how one of WDRB-TV’s acclaimed journalists, Toni Konz, uncovered a JCPS plan to take care of a laid-off lawyer by installing her in a position in which she would be overpaid and under qualified. The weekend’s best bet is the Blue and BBQ Festival at the Water Tower — I’ll see you there.

Caroline Heine. Photo by Bill Brymer
Caroline Heine. Photo by Bill Brymer
Gary Fox. Photo by Bill Brymer