Gabbing with GLI’s Kent Oyler and Kicking Back with Coyote Calhoun

Coyote Planning to Hang it Up
Rusty returns with another great show featuring two of the “Most Interesting People in the ‘Ville.”

Kent Oyler has an important new job trying to turn around Greater Louisville Inc. I doubt there’s anyone more qualified, and I’m betting his entrepreneurial mindset will serve him well at GLI. At 61, Coyote Calhoun is ready to hang it up as Louisville’s best-known country music figure. The WAMZ icon announced recently that he’ll be retiring his microphone at the end of the year, so I caught up with him over at the Clear Channel studios.
Of course, followers of the show know I’ve been moving into a new house in Jeffersontown, and three weeks in I’m still buying things — and using my new membership in Amazon Prime to do it. There’s plenty of interest in local criminals, and I talk about one way to learn more about them. Louisville’s Forecastle Festival was a big hit again this year. And there’s a follow-up to the best soap opera going at the Metro Council.
All that and more on another episode of the Rusty Satellite Show.