Taking Over at GLI with Sarah Davasher Wisdom; Vince Tyra Wins with a Different Approach at U of L


The Rusty Satellite Show features two of the most powerful, and interesting, people in the ‘Ville this time. It was the second time I’d interviewed Sarah Davasher Wisdom, but the first since she ascended tot the top spot at Greater Louisville Inc. I talked with the WKU grad about her organization’s legislative agenda in Frankfort and how she thinks a sports gambling bill will still pass this year (I don’t). And I learned of her passion for ballroom dancing.

at GLI with Sarah Davasher Wisdom

There was plenty going on at the University of Louisville athletic department when I stopped by Tuesday, but that’s always the case. Vince Tyra gave me 20 minutes to talk about how he’s turned things around there, as we discussed his philosophy on hiring coaches, running such a big operation and why the school went outside the athletics world to find and hire him. His “different approach” to running the show has all the school’s teams winning. However, he wouldn’t confirm the city’s worst-kept secret, even though a Rolling Stones logo continues to rotate on Cardinal Stadium’s message board.

I was not asking him about the weirdest story of the week — that former cheer coach Todd Sharp had attended a U of L baseball event downtown and somehow shot himself in the leg. Sharp later admitted that he didn’t like Tyra, but said the shooting was accidental and he’d never harm Tyra or anyone else. Still, Sharp was given persona non-grata status and banned from campus.

Goodbye, Crutches. I’m happy because Dr. George Quill removed my cast on my ankle and replaced it with one I can walk on. And I tell you about a few experiences — dining in an igloo at 8 UP, and attending the soft opening at Doc’s Bourbon Room.

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