Getting Happy with Co-Host Caroline Knop; Megan Martin is the Jewel at Clater


Season’s Greetings from the REMAX Properties East studios, where we prepared this bit of podcast excellence for the 335th time.

Caroline Knop at the Rusty Satellite HQ

Caroline Knop, lead singer of the Happy Hour band and the city’s most dynamic PR pro, sits in with Rick in studio to talk about a busy December and one of her newer clients, Hectare’s CBD. Your host doesn’t get the hype about CBD, and Caroline offers many ways to use it for good. And she’s promoting a bunch of other stuff.

Imagine taking a job at age 17….and still working there. Megan Martin, now the owner of Clater Jewelers, tells us the story of how fascinating her 16-year-old self found the process of taking in jewelry, selling jewelry, and running the business. This year, the business that started on Southside Drive celebrated its 70th anniversary in a plush office in Westport Village. Martin gives me some great advice on buying a Christmas jewel.

Megan Martin at Clater Jewelers

In the news, Gov. Matt Bevin (I’m thankful that’s the last time I have to type that) is on a Sore Loser Tour, talkign to radio stations about how he thinks the Democrats cheated him out of the election. It never seems to occur to the egomaniac that maybe he’s just a jerk and voters rejected him. Meanwhile, Gov-elect Andy Beshear has picked Rusty favorite Rocky Adkins for a key role in his administration. And Beshear has hinted he may do something about the fate of Passport Health and its stalled headquarters building at 18th and Broadway.

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