Getting High on 4th with Chip Heuser and Mommy-Blogging with Stephanie White

Chip Heuser will be jumping over things at 4th Street Live

It’s another great episode with the Rusty Satellite Show — leading off is Chip Heuser, a 29-year-old who excels in the pole vault, yes, pole vault. For the third year, Chip is bringing an event, Vault in the Ville, to Fourth Street Live. On June 7, the best high school and college competitors will attempt to get high on Fourth Street Live. There’s a celebrity division too, and some of the best pole vaulters in the U.S. Also on the show is Stephanie White, who operates the highly successful Louisville Family Fun web site, featuring a bunch of Mommy bloggers imparting advice on how to have fun with your kids at local attractions.

While some of us are still recovering from the big Memorial Day weekend, Greater Louisville Inc. made news by announcing its new leader — Kent Oyler. I caught up with Gill Holland talking up the Portland neighborhood renaissance, and I’m still complaining about the management of the Jefferson County Public Schools. There’s all that and more on the 49th edition of The Rusty Satellite Show.