HO HO HO – Ringing out 2020 with Hectare’s Bart Miller and Good News from Gary Fox and Caroline Knop


Here at the Rusty Satellite Show, we’re wrapping up 2020 with guests who give us optimism for what’s ahead in 2021, and who are merrily celebrating the season, even if for many it’s been a really grinchy year.

Bart Miller at Hectare’s

First up is Bart Miller, CEO of Hectare’s, which has been operating in NuLu Marketplace since the summer, opening a retail store amidst a pandemic, but also being part of the most exciting new development in town. Out back from Miller’s office is the West Sixth Brewing Company, a highly-anticipated new restaurant in Emmy Squared, and an assortment of other businesses. Talking with Miller, it’s evident that the legit CBD industry may be ready to take off, even if Kentucky’s backward legislators refuse to legalize a product that’s now been voted OK in 30+ states.

I invited my girlfriend Paula on because her workplace, the non-profit USA Cares, just got some important recognition and is working closely with the Justin Thomas Foundation to do more good things for those in need. We also discuss her favorite Christmas movie and debate the merits of gift cards (I don’t like ’em.)

What Gary Fox has done with the non-profit Apron Inc. in a time of crisis for restaurants is nothing short of phenomenal, and he reveals details for the first time publicly about a program that will provide $50 for restaurant-industry personnel just in time for the big day. And credit Caroline Knop for the idea behind TOYS “Take on Yule Spirit”, which has generated hundreds of games donated so that service industry families can have presents for their kids.

So for 56 minutes, forget about politics and problems and join us as we celebrate some happiness here on the Rusty Satellite Show, the longest-running and most interesting podcast in the ‘Ville. And thanks again to the Eye Care Institute, Heuser Health and eXp Realty, the sponsors of this podcast. Enjoy the break, and come back with us in 2021.