Will Jackie or Won’t He? – and Dr. Ye Heals my Knee

Jackie Green

Will he or won’t he? That’s the question I ask Jackie Green during a visit to his downtown bike shop. While Jackie was being a little mysterious, I’ll be shocked if he doesn’t announce his candidacy for Mayor soon. Listen in and find out why he’s such a critic of the job Greg Fischer is doing.

Later, I talk with Dr. Hong Ye, who grew up in China, studied in England and New York, then ended up in Kentucky with her own recipe for good health involving herbs, no spices. I can’t wait to see if her pain-relief patch works on my knee.

Leading off my Top Five stories of the week is, of course, the weather, and my complaint that local TV engages in over-hype for ratings. I also watched my hero Bill Nye explain why evolution is the only logical explanation for how we get here in a debate with the Creation Museum’s Ken Ham. I am buying a car, a story in itself, and I’m pleased to see that CVS is going to do the right thing, at a great cost, and stop selling tobacco products. Lastly, the tragic story of Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s heroin overdose.

Tune in, download, and let us know what you think.