Jammin’ with Jeff Rehmet; Wrestling Issues with Mark Hitchings


The common bond between me and my guests this week is a connection to Jefferson County Public Schools. Jeff Rehmet took his Jeffersontown High School education and never got a real job. He’s been playing music around town, with some of the best in the business, for most of three decades and boy does he have some good stories. Mark Hitchings did something this spring that hadn’t been done in 30 years. He coached a JCPS school, Fern Creek, to a state championship in wrestling. Listen as we talk about sportsmanship, or the lack of it, exhibited by the University of Kentucky basketball team after it lost to Wisconsin in last week’s NCAA Tournament.

With another year of hoops behind us, we’re moving on to politics and, more importantly, Derby. Rand Paul announced his candidacy for President at the Galt House, sparking LOUISVILLE bylines throughout the country, even though everybody already knew he was going to run. I found a great story about the Twig & Leaf in the Highlands — should old diners like that be preserved? I’m not sure. And local McDonald’s are serving a bourbon-themed burger, proof that the bourbon boom may have jumped the shark. It’s the start of baseball season, Derby season and fun season, so listen up to the Rusty Satellite Show to know what’s happening.

Jeff Rehmet


Mark Hitchings