Jecorey “1200” Arthur’s Best Work; From Pikes to Politics with Steve Emery


I can’t wait to see the opening act of the Forecastle Festival on Friday — featuring the most popular teacher at Hite Elementary School in eastern Jefferson County. That would be Jecorey Arthur, who holds a Masters degree in Music from U of L, just completed his first year teaching 1st-graders about music, and played with Teddy Abrams recently at the Muhammad Ali memorial. He’s also on the cover of LEO Weekly, and is a fascinating interview.

I also ventured out to Oldham County, where my old Pi Kappa Alpha buddy Steve Emery had a beer waiting. We talked about his decision to run for Family Court judge out there, and how he didn’t even start law school until he was 35. I asked Steve about the campaign trail and what he hopes to accomplish as a judge. Listen in.

As part of my new responsibilities at, I find myself enjoying some fine meals around town, which I’ll tell you about, plus my assessments of what’s going on at U of L, how racism keeps showing up in the city and, on a lighter note, ask what’s up with that crazy Pokemon thing. All in an action-packed episode of the Rusty Satellite Show.

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