John Asher’s Living the Downs Dream; Bob Batch and Mark Klein Are Just Joking


John Asher will tell anyone who listens that he’s living his dream — as VP of Racing Communications at Churchill Downs he gets to do all sorts of fun stuff, from coordinating media interviews to standing in the Winners Circle for every race on Derby Day. He talks with me about the Breeders Cup coming to town in 2018. And he tells me why his record for picking Derby winners is so poor.

Bob Batch and Mark Klein are a rare species in the comedy world — they’ve made a living telling jokes for decades. Derby Week they’re getting together at the Laughing Derby at the Comedy Caravan for four shows that will give you the giggles, like I got when they came into the studio.

Even though it’s Derby Week, I’m already thinking beyond it for the Breakfast of Champions May 10, featuring Harry Pickens. And in May my Cocktails with Champions comes to the 3rd Turn Brewery in Jtown, pretty close to my house. In the news, Mayor Bill Dieruf of Jtown announced a program that will help get addicts off the streets. And since you’re probably hosting Derby guests, listen in I get all fired up about the ridiculous regulations our Metro Council officials are considering for Airbnb hosts. All that and more fun on the Rusty Satellite Show!

Bob Batch and Mark Klein. Photo by Bill Brymer
John Asher in one of his favorite places