Kevin Grangier Masters Italian; Melissa Swan Dives Into Podcasting; Guest Co-Host Sam Heine


You may have heard how special the new Grassa Gramma restaurant is in Holiday Manor, but it’s likely more majestic than what you’re thinking. Kevin Granger, the man behind the Village Anchor and Le Moo, put his magic touch on the city’s newest Italian fare, and the result is spectacular.

It’s hard to believe it’s been three years since Melissa Swan left the anchor desk at WHAS-TV. Well, she’s been busy, as you’ll hear in our interview, and ready for a new challenge, that may take the form of a brand new podcast on the network.

I’m joined in the studio by Sam Heine, a millennial, who did indeed grow up inside coffee houses in town. You’ll learn about him as we go through some of the week’s top stories — like Jennifer Lawrence getting engaged, Chris Mack’s botched halftime interview, Adam Edelen’s call for a statewide smoking ban (are we determined to be the last state to have one?) and changes at Insider Louisville.

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