Lisa Higgins Toasts Mint Julep Tours’ New Spot; Peter Holloway is on Stage One


If you had any doubt about the bourbon tourism boom, tune in to what’s happened with Mint Julep Tours in the last few years. I talk with co-owner Lisa Higgins about the family business that just moved into roomier quarters on Mellwood Avenue. The new space has a huge garage out back with room for 20 buses, and the business expects to host 20,000 tourists this year.

The Stage One Family Theatre is one of the city’s oldest, and coolest, arts organizations, dating back 70 years, Peter Holloway is in charge of the operation, which presents four major productions each year, with each one attracting an audience of nearly 20,000 people, mostly kids on field trips. The current show is Click, Clack, Moo, about cows who type. It also has a relevant lesson for today’s youth, according to Holloway, who chatted with me at Stage One Rehearsal Room on Market Street.

Week 1 of the football season is in the books. While UK fans are trying to forget, U of L followers are more optimistic than ever. And my Hilltoppers, after an impressive start, play the #1 team in the country Saturday. Here at home, JCPS officials keep finding guns in student backpacks as the murder rate soars. A couple of embarrassing scandals at UK are worth mentioning, though the UK administration can’t hold a candle to U of L’s when it comes to bad P.R. and, bad behavior by officials. Next week, it’s the Breakfast of Champions with Melissa Swan, at the University Club. There’s plenty more to talk about on this episode of the Rusty Satellite Show.

Lisa Higgins at Mint Julep Tours new HQ
Peter Holloway at the Stage One rehearsal room