Matt Jamie’s Barrel Business; Jammin’ for a Cure with Bob and Diane Montgomery


I love it when a businessman tells the story of how he got started and begins with “We were drinking a few beers and. . . “ Listen in as Matt Jamie tells me how he came up with the idea for Bourbon Barrel Foods way back in 2006. This year he added a retail store on Frankfort Avenue, and you can buy all sorts of interesting products there,including Bourbon Smoked Cacao Nibs, all made in Butchertown.

Come January, a lot of local musicians will be teaming up at Headliners for the Jam for a Cure, featuring Louisville native Greg Forsman and ex-Rusty guest Danny Flanigan, for one of the biggest parties of the year. I talked with Bob and Diane Montgomery, who are the unlikely yet successful promoters of the annual event.

We have a new governor, and he’s off to a good start. A great issue of LEO pokes fun at some local media types. And this week the artists for Forecastle were announced, including some bands that I actually know. All this and more on this episode of The Rusty Satellite Show.

Matt Jamie at Bourbon Barrel Foods. Photo by Bill Brymer
Diane and Bob Montgomery with a photo of Greg Forsman. Photo by Bill Brymer
Kentukyaki, anyone? Bourbon Barrel Food products. Photo by Bill Brymer


  1. Hey, Rick, Thanks again for helping me through my first interview. You were great. I would also like to send Bill a thank you and see about getting the pictures he took yesterday. What is the best way to contact him?
    Enjoy getting that cast off. Hope you can come to the JAM and test your dancing. If surgery improves dancing ability, maybe Dr. Quill can do something to help me?. In fact, bring him with you and we can have a consultation when the bands take a break. DiAnne Montgomery