Meet Andre Kimo Stone Guess, the new leader of the Fund for the Arts; Yes, We’re Talking about a fight club with Chris and Amanda Griffin



From the movie Fight Club – the exact line is this: “The first rule of Fight Club is: You do not talk about Fight Club.” Well, we’re talking today with Chris and Amanda Griffin about the Fight Factory, a St. Matthews business tucked behind Momma’s Restaurant where MMA fighting and training is just the beginning. You’ll love Chris and Amanda — the story of how she came to know him because she was seeking some self-defense moves as she exited an unhealthy relationship, then eventually married the guy who ran the operation. Chris, a Lexington native, says he’s been around fighting his whole life, and has dozens of people come in for Fight Factory training.

First up we talk with Andre Kimo Stone Guess, who is now a month into his job as CEO of the Fund for the Arts, a vital organization that raises money and then distributes it to arts groups, an activity that advances the city’s cultural identity with the arts. Guess grew up a few miles from his office in Smoketown, but has traveled the world in a career that has seen him work with the biggest names in music. Listen in for an interesting interview.

Of course, the show is back after a two-week break, during which I acquired a new wedding ring and celebrated my union with Paula with great friends. Thanks to my friends at Salsarita’s, who provided a wedding-eve spread that was delicious. It was served at the LaQuinta Inn, provided to us by Paula and my friend Dan Parker. And we celebrated the wedding at Paristown with a beautiful brunch. Even the weather cooperated.

You’ll also notice a new spot from Hectare’s,  the Louisville-based CBD Innovations company with a storefront at NuLu Marketplace. Stop in and see them.  Let me know if you have guest ideas or suggestions for the show.

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