Multitasking with Holly Houston; Katie George on Winning a Beauty Pageant

Beauty Queen

It’s the lovely and talented edition of the Rusty Satelllite Show. First up is Holly Houston, an attorney, advocate for women and all-around busy person.

Katie George was just an outstanding volleyball player for U of L. Then she decided to enter the Miss Kentucky pageant. When she won, she became a magnet for local and national media wondering how she won in her first-ever pageant entry.

In local news, a prominent lawyer gets hit by a car while riding his bike. A high school basketball coach is attacked, maybe, by a player and the player’s father. And the primary field is set in the race for Governor. There’s a big event coming up at Loui Loui’s, and I’m making progress in working with Lenny Mello at Pillar Health & Sport Performance.

Miss Kentucky Katie George at U of L
Holly Houston and I play with art at 21C.