Naming Things with Pip Pullen; Beers with Kevin Gibson

Kevin Gibson with our beers

It was tons of fun to talk with Pip Pullen and Kevin Gibson on this episode of the Rusty Satellite Show. Pip is a colorful local character who runs a growing and successful advertising/marketing/web development firm, Mightily. He also was once the subject of an online site called “Shit Pip Wears.” We talk about how to come up with names of things, and how rare and wise it is for a company to use an adverb as its moniker.

Kevin Gibson, a few years ago, had the guts to quit a corporate job to write a book about beer. He’s done that, and has another project on the books about a 1909 murder case. He’s also a regular writer of all things fun at Insider Louisville.

With a dearth of Dan Johnson news this week, my news segment is filled with stories of cool stuff I got to do — Lyle Lovett in Richmond, Larry Muhammad’s play at 1031 Vault, the Cards’ romp over Murray State, a record-setting round of golf with my son, and the Breakfast of Champions. And I look ahed to the next few weeks of special events in town – including the Highland Festival, the Gaslight Festival and the NuLu Festival, all in September. Join me for this exciting episode of the Rusty Satellite Show.