On The Road with Paul Thorn; Talking NBA with Albrecht Stahmer

With my favorite singer, Paul Thorn

It’s not every day you get to interview one of your heroes — but that’s just what happened when I went down to Headliner’s Music Hall to interview Paul Thorn. He’s also a great interview, with some insight into relationships that you’ll just have to hear. And pick up his latest, Too Blessed to be Stressed, on his web site. As you’ll hear, as an independent artist, Paul pockets most of the cash when you buy his stuff.

Albrecht Stahmer lives in Singapore, but I caught up with the Louisville native during one of his recent trips home on the occasion of the NBA exhibition held last weekend at the Yum! Center. Albrecht is a leading proponent of bringing an NBA team here, despite all the hurdles and setbacks we’ve endured over the years. We did our interview near my Jeffersontown home at the Louisville Coffee Company on Watterson Trail.

In the news, I was glad to see a state official object to an employment posting for the Noah’s Ark project in northern Kentucky, and certainly hope that the religious theme park will be denied financial support from the state government. I wrote a story on E-Cigarettes for insider Louisville this week, and, well, despite the billions the new industry is doing in sales, they’re not really safe and don’t deliver as a method for stopping smoking. There’s an interesting piece by Kevin Gibson in Insider about the atmosphere at the only place in Kentucky women can go for abortions. And the new Southwest Regional Library opened in Valley Station this week. There’s all that and more on this week’s exciting episode of the Rusty Satellite Show.