Optimism in Dining: with Chris Williams at Four Pegs and Jason Smith at Mussel & Burger Bar


Have you noticed? Maybe it’s my imagination, but it looks to me like people are starting to go out to restaurants again.

Jason Smith at Mussel & Burger Bar

This week I enjoyed a delicious meal in Jeffersontown at the Mussel & Burger Bar, where every table seemed full but I had no wait. On a Tuesday night. Last weekend, we went to a Texas Roadhouse on Dixie, where there was a wait and the place was packed. Conclusion — maybe we’re learning to live with this COVID-19, though the media tells us nothing good about the progress against the pandemic.

More good news — the downtown Mussel & Burger Bar is re-opening next week, after being shut down for more than eight months, as GM Jason Smith tells me about his optimism and the return of people to downtown. Smith, you may remember, has been on the show in his previous stint at Gordon Biersch and is a big supporter of the Parkinson’s foundation. When I was there at the beautiful space, workers were cleaning up and getting the place ready.

Over in Germantown, several independent restaurants have closed or temporarily shut down, but neighbors can count on Chris Williams at Four Pegs to be out there on his smoker every day. Williams is hosting a big event, with some benefit going to Apron Inc., on the 21st, featuring a new menu item – Grippo’s-flavored wings. He’ll also be tapping one of only 30 kegs of Hopslam Beer at the party. Listen in to our conversation, which took place on his newly-built patio.

Chris Williams at Four Pegs

It’s a huge week politically, and that brings out some truly kooky ideas. Like the idea that God is going to curse anyone responsible for stealing the election. Yea, local pastor Bob Rodgers is taking some well-deserved heat for that one. Also this week, I’ll be watching my favorite political show, Real Time with Bill Maher, to see how Kentucky’s own Matt Jones does with Bill and Katie Couric.

Finally, it’s the last week of the Trump Administration, and there’s always optimism with a new regime in Washington, but never more so than this one. The House impeached Trump for the second time on Tuesday, and who knows what shenanigans will happen leading up to Jan. 20.

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