Oscar-Picking with Stu Pollard; Counting Penguins with Craig Greenberg


The promise of good things to come always gets us through the horrid February in Kentucky. So Rusty’s looking forward to Valentine’s Day and the Academy Awards.

This year, I have some educated guesses on what’s going to happen at the Oscars from Stu Pollard, the filmmaker and Louisville native who is now playing a big role in the Louisville Film Society.  Hear some inside scoop about the local film industry from the guy who made Nice Guys Sleep Alone.

15 years ago, I interviewed a 26-year-old lawyer who seemed to have a bright future ahead of him during my days at Business First. Today, Craig Greenberg is 41 and running one of the coolest companies in town — directing the growth of the 21C Hotel company as it expands in new cities. Meanwhile, the original has become a landmark, and we talk about the huge David statue out front. 

In the news, there’s more controversy for the Ark Park project, politics as usual in a Metro Council election, and a dry precinct in Valley Station gets the votes to go wet. I’ll catch you up on some Rusty Satellite alumni — all in the 83rd episode of the Rusty Satellite Show.

21C Hotel president Craig Greenberg. Each different penguin color represents a unique 21C property
Fillmmaker Stu Pollard at Copper & Kings, site of the biggest Oscar Party in town.