Platinum Panel Pluses with Matt Schulte; Laura Benson Jones Fights with Flights


Ever wonder how Papa John’s decides what new products to introduce? There’s plenty of science, research and testing involved, and a 35-year-old Louisville company is among the best in conducting consumer research. Matt Schulte wants YOU to join his Platinum Panel, a group that is regularly called on to test new products and ideas, right in St. Matthews. Oh, and you get paid when you do a test. We talk about it in this fun interview.

I met Laura Benson Jones about 20 years ago, when she was just getting her Cardinal Wings business off the ground. Jones has corralled all sorts of business awards in these two decades, and is now devoting her time to teaching young entrepreneurs about life and flying. She’s also co-chair of the Speed Museum Ball, coming up in March.

Democrats are feeling a big giddy over the defeat of a sexual predator, who was supported by the sexual-predator-in-chief, in a Senate race in Alabama. But here at home, we’ve got a blockbuster development about House Rep. Dan Johnson, whose past came to light as the result of a Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting story. The thoroughly-researched piece shows Johnson to be a habitual liar, sexual predator and criminal. Read it.

I’ll update you on my Airbnb battle going on in Jeffersontown, as well. Join me for a very interesting episode of the Rusty Satellite Show.

Laura Benson Jones
Matt Schulte