Political Recovery with Jonathan Miller; Facing Child Abuse with Terry Brooks

Jonathan Miller

Rusty’s all set for the Seminoles Thursday night at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium, which is the biggest, longest-anticipated event around here in a while. But more importantly, there’s an election next Tuesday, so I asked Recovering Politician Jonathan Miller to come on the show and talk about it. Jonathan says he’s much happier as a private citizen than as a politician, and the independence even allowed him to compete for real money at the World Series of Poker.

Child abuse is a real problem in our country, and Terry Brooks explains the Kosair Charities program, FACE IT, whose goal is to eliminate it. It’s a big challenge, but the FaceIt campaign has real solutions and suggestions for addressing it. 

In other news, JCPS finally fired the Male High principal it investigated following charges that he helped students with testing in order to improve the school’s scores. And my daily journal with my son Luke continues on LouisvilleKY.com. Thanks for tuning in to the show.