Post-Election Crazy — A Sandwich with Dan Borsch, Beer with Mark Blum


Here we are, right where we expected. Thursday morning, and we still don’t know whether sanity returns to the White House or if we have another four years in Crazy Town. But we do know that whatever happen, we’ll all survive to talk about it. And I got that started on Wednesday at the Hillcrest Tavern with my favorite local politics follower, Dan Borsch, and at 3rd Turn Brewing, where I enjoyed a pleasant night on the patio with Paula and Jtown City Council member Mark Blum.

Borsch, who ran unsuccessfully for Metro Council in the spring, brings strong opinions on the way the city is operated, and notably criticizes Mayor Fischer for some substantial shortcomings. Chief among them is taking three years plus and still not deciding where to put the city’s impound lot, even as junked cars litter the streets. He’s also right about the horrible situation the state Democratic Party has gotten itself into, as Republicans gained seats on their majorities in the House and Senate.

Jeffersontown, with it non-partisan Mayor and City Council, provides what seems to be a better way of operating. Mark Blum, elected to the Council for his fifth term, certainly seems to have the right approach to public service — listen to constituents, try your best to serve all the people. Don’t be surprised if he’s among what promises to be a big slate of contenders in the Jtown Mayor’s Race in two years.

Highlights of the election around here? Voters don’t want judges serving longer terms, and they don’t get to see how their votes on the JCPS Tax issue came out, thanks to a questionable ruling by a judge that sets aside the tax question. Republicans ran the table out in the state, and we watched as five more progressive states passed marijuana laws. Amy McGrath proved to be the worst candidate to run against Mitch McConnell, showcasing the ineptness of state Democrats. And as of this moment, the race for President remains too close to call. But it does look like Biden will win.

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