Ray Perkins Perseveres at Chubby Ray’s; Jeanne Hilt Invites You to Paristown’s Fete de Noel


For many of us, surviving the pandemic has meant trying to find something to do. Fighting boredom, for those lucky enough not to be personally impacted, has been challenge enough.

Jeanne Hilt at Paristown

So here’s some good news — the state-imposed restaurant shutdown ends Sunday, and we’ve got two outdoor events for you to enjoy this weekend. My second guest is Jeanne Hilt, who is the rare event planner who is very busy these days coordinating Paristown Pointe’s Fete de Noel, where you can go and shop, eat and ice skate in a fantastic outdoor setting. You’ll hear all about it in our interview, which took place on a gloriously sunny Wednesday afternoon next to the rink.

The other event — a home football game at Cardinal Stadium Saturday at noon. Regardless of the team’s plight, it is an outdoor activity you can attend.

My first guest operates what may be the oldest continuously operating family restaurant in town. Chubby Ray Perkins got in the business back in 1992, and his operation in the heart of Jtown features a large outdoor patio where he offers entertainment on weekends. Still, he says business has been off by half, and is ready to open his indoor space to customers again. Ray was also the leading vote-getter among Jtown City Council members in November’s election, and says he plans to run for Mayor in 2022. So we have plenty to talk about.

Ray Perkins at Chubby Ray’s

All that, and we’re still watching a lot of TV at home. I’ll tell you about my latest watching interests — Shameless, Your Honor and The Flight Attendant, if you’re flipping around looking for something good to watch.

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