Rusty 352 – Help for Restaurants with Jason Smith; Horse Business with Gerhardt Roos, and Carolyn McLean


This week the Rusty Satellite Show finds our hometown in a crisis. Not quite past the COVID-19 pandemic that crippled us economically, we are now dealing with civil unrest that has resulted in a week of protesting in the streets that have resulted in the firing of the police chief, the death of a beloved West End restaurateur and a night curfew that many have ignored.

Meanwhile, much of the city is striving to get back to normal — with the opening of gyms, the continued re-opening of restaurants and workers going back to the office. The business of real estate, surprisingly, lost just 10 percent of its volume since a year ago, despite the pandemic. This week, the Rusty Satellite Show brings you two guys with accents. Jason Smith, my long-time business partner,  has built an online ordering solution for restaurants, and Gerhardt Roos, a South African who makes his living coaching saddle-bred horses and their riders. In the regular news segment, I talk with Carolyn McLean to help me make sense of the what has happened in the city.

Smith, a Louisville Webdesigner  came to Louisville 12 years ago from the UK, and has been involved in various online activities of mine ever since, creating sites and logos including those for and, not to mention He’s a big fan of eating out, and through a relationship with Food and Dining Magazine has created an online solution to help restaurants operate dining rooms with little hand-to-hand contact. Roos explains to me how he thinks the Kentucky State Fair’s world-famous horse show might actually happen in August, but with serious changes that affect the high-dollar customers he works with in Shelbyville.

Rick Robey’s new eXp Realty office on N. English Station Road

The show was taped Wednesday — with Jason Smith via Zoom at my Jtown office, and with Roos and McLean at Rick Robey’s eXp Realty space on North English Station Road.

And sometimes it just helps to talk through the issues happening here, and Carolyn, a former TV news reporter, helps me through that. I think you’ll like that. As always, I’m indebted to the Eye Care Institute and Heuser Health for supporting the show.

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