Rusty Takes On Metro Councilman Jerry Miller and Jtown’s John Cosby in #13

Councilman Jerry Miller came to the HQ

listen to podcastRusty gets it going this week with Jerry Miller, the East End Metro Councilman. Miller makes sense, a little more so than some of his colleagues, calling out the craziness of restricting wine and liquor sales at 2 a.m., but not beer. But I think the whole discussion is a waste of taxpayer resources.

And it was great to speak to John Cosby on the eve of the great Jeffersontown event — the pipe-smoking contest at the Gaslight Festival. And, we talked about drinking beer in the same location, 1366 College Street in Bowling Green, 10 years apart as member of Pi Kappa Alpha. Big Fun

More surprises — I like something that U.S. Senator and presidential candidate Rand Paul is doing — working to restore the rights of felons who have served time. My friend Chris Thieneman was in the news, and I discuss how you should never, ever, get in a relationship with a woman capable to stopping her car in the middle of a busy street and leaving it. Unfortunately, the former Mayoral candidate had to spend a few hours in jail as a result, but I don’t think he’ll be charged and will put this episode behind him quickly.

This weekend, there’s racing at Kentucky Speedway, a Beerfest, a golf scramble and a football game, to name just a few activities going on. While you’re doing all that, or driving there, how about rejecting your radio and tuning in to the Rusty Satellite Show — on and iTunes.