School Board Scoop with Debbie Wesslund and a View from Above with Karl Schmitt

JCPS School Board member Debbie Wesslund
Are you tired of snow days and the kids being out of school, especially on days like Tuesday when it didn’t even snow? Want an answer to why JCPS decision-makers seem to freak out with every forecast? Me, too, so I called my JCPS school board member, Debbie Wesslund, in search of answers. And I got them, and gained some insight into other aspects of JCPS that are good to know.

Another question I got answered this week was this one — what does the Louisville Sports Commission do. I went to the man in charge, Karl Schmitt, who’s a wonderful ambassador for the city. He’s got some tremendous stories, too, having spent a career in sports administration at the University of Miami and then at Churchill Downs.
My Top Five Stories: I don’t really think Kentucky is the least progressive state in the union, but when churches are luring people to God with guns for door prizes, and it works, and the guy in charge calls it “outreach to rednecks,” I start to wonder. And there was big news in the same-sex marriage battle, as AG Jack Conway made an emotional and correct decision not to challenge a judge’s ruling on the issue, only to have Gov. Beshear go in the opposite direction afterward.
Gay marriage was sort of the issue in a play I saw at the Humana Festival. Hal Heiner is the first Republican to announce for the 2015 Governors race. And John Calipari is struggling with his fan base because his one-and-done players are doing the only thing you can’t get away with at Kentucky — losing basketball games. Already pundits are speculating he’s outta here.
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