Scott Koloms’ Canopy for Good Business; Bespoke Fashion with Yamilca Rodriguez and Faith Yascone


It’s been quite an interesting week in the River City, where our kids are staying home while teachers fight it out with the Governor. At least the legislators found time to pass a law allowing anyone with a pulse to carry a gun to Kroger.

We’ve got happier stories here at the Rusty Satellite show — like the good work being done by Scott Koloms with Canopy, encouraging businesses to become better citizens by taking care of their employees and their environment.

With spring in the near future, our thoughts turn to. . . fashion. So I invited Louisville Bespoke founder Yamilca Rodriguez and the fashion chair for the group’s upcoming fashion show, Faith Yascone, to try and educate me about a few fashion ideas.

I’ve also got takes on the teachers, the concealed carry law, the out-of-touch legislators and even why I’m so disappointed in U of L A.D. Vince Tyra. And I’ll tell you what police chief Steve Conrad said at the Breakfast of Champions, and about my Tour de Lou bike ride to Indiana.

All on the longest-running and most interesting podcast in the ‘Ville, the Rusty Satellite Show, brought to you by Passport Health Plan, the Eye Care Institute and Heuser Health.

Scott Koloms
Faith and Yamilca in the Louisville.AM studio