Spudz-Man John Good Loves America, Horses and Crisps; A Trip to the Zoo with Kyle Shepherd


The Rusty Satellite Show carries on with two delightful guests, each with a story that will bring a smile to your face. First up, you’ll hear from John Good, a horseman in his first life who last appeared on the show six years ago to tout his new Spudz potato chip brand (or, as they say in his home country Ireland,  crisps). Today he’s partnered with Pap’s Beef Jerky and the products are in stores not just around here, but many national markets.

Good, who came to America and got a job working on Bob Baffert’s team guiding thoroughbreds, has strong opinions on the state of horseracing today, and still counts most of his friends among the game’s participants. Listen in to see how he feels about his mentor’s latest issues.

Kyle Shepherd has always been a happy and fun individual, but her outlook has dramatically improved since taking on a self-improvement mindset. She’s reached her ideal weight — having shed 115 pounds — and hope to serve as in inspiration to others who have struggled with health and weight issues. She’s also the premier promoter of all things Louisville Zoo, and tells me about the search for a new leader, the popularity of the Wild Lights attraction, and who her favorite animal is.

There’s one big story dominating the news this week (other than the usual gun deaths and punk fights) and it involves the formerly beloved assistant basketball coach at U of L, Dino Gaudio, now the target of a federal prosecution. Gaudio, a decades-long friend of Coach Chris Mack, didn’t react well when he got fired in March, In fact, with audio tape rolling, Gaudio threatened to expose some NCAA violations to the media. Little did he know that kind of threat can get you a couple years in prison. He just wanted 17 months in salary, a seemingly paltry amount given the school’s history of giving six-figure buyouts to outgoing coaches and administrators.

This is episode 397 of the Rusty Satellite Show, the city’s longest-running and most interesting podcast. I’ll be taking a two-week break before returning to strive for the 400-show milestone in June. Watch this space for info on our celebration of that feat. Thanks always to Home Cuisine and eXp Realty for sponsoring the show.