Stephen George Steps Up; A Room with a View Joe Heron at Copper & Kings


Rusty is pleased to welcome a pair of really smart guys who are making things happen in big way in our city. Stephen George was a guest on the show more than three years ago, just after he returned home to become a reporter and editor at Insider Louisville. Recently, he was promoted to president of Louisville Public Media, and you’ll be interested to hear our talk about local media.

Joe Heron is one of the big reasons for the revival of Butchertown, and you’ll hear what a big advocate of the city he is, an ideal Bourbon City Guest of the Week. Heron is the creator and operator of Copper and Kings, the brandy distillery that just opened a spectacular new 3rd floor bar called Alexander’s.

I’m disappointed to see that Angela Leet’s main platform in the Mayor’s race is to criticize Greg Fischer for trying to make Louisville a bike-friendly city. I fear her complaints may be an effective way to reach like-minded voters who wouldn’t go near a two-wheeler if they had to. And I’ve got a complaint about downtown establishments who had locked their doors despite a sold-out Rod Stewart concert last Sunday.

It’s a life-altering decision I made, and I couldn’t be happier about the LASIK surgery i underwent last week at the Eye Care Institute. I’ll tell you all about it. Plus, a special thanks to Passport Health Plan, Louisville Tourism and Heuser Health for sponsoring the Rusty Satellite Show.

Joe Heron at Alex&nder
Stephen George at Louisville Public Media