Meeting LEO’s CEO Aaron Yarmuth and the Mayor of Slugger Field Corky Miller

LEO's New Enabler-in-Chief, Aaron Yarmuth

Shortly after it was announced by LEO Weekly that the paper’s new owner had the same last name as its founder, I got in touch with Aaron Yarmuth. I wanted to know what the 30-year-old has in store for the paper that his father started when he was a toddler.  We met at his place downtown at Waterfront Park Place, and I left thinking that LEO is in good hands.

I’ve been watching Corky Miller at Slugger Field for 10 years, and now he’s approaching some of the franchise’s all-time records for longevity. And while some players might choose another career after so many 10-hour bus trips in the minors, Corky, 38, has a great attitude and an important role to play for the Bats, and I asked him about the “Feat the Stache” mania at the ballpark.

And now that the Derby season is behind us, there’s political news in the air, as Jack Conway announced his candidacy in the 2015 governor’s race. The state’s Legislative Ethics Commission, widely considered to have botched its prosecution of State Rep. John Arnold on sexual harassment allegations, decided to do it all over again and got the result most expected. A report ranking Kentucky 48th in bike-friendliness prompted an editorial from former Rusty guest Kirk Kandle. And there’s plenty of talk around town about the environment and climate change.

It’s all in this episode of The Rusty Satellite Show.