Tara Conner’s Trip to Sobriety; Airing it Out with Skip Miller


When she talks about her story, Russell Springs, Ky. native Tara Conner uses the term “Mess USA” to describe the type of person she was as Miss USA back in 2006 — before she found help for her addiction problem and straightened out her life. Today she’s an accomplished professional who speaks about addiction to all sorts of groups — including the group gathered for a big event in Louisville this week sponsored by Passport Health Plan and organized by The Healing Place. The problem of heroin addiction is growing, and we talk about that, plus I get Tara’s opinion on Donald Trump, who gave her a break and got her into rehab back in 2006. You’ll be surprised by her point of view.

Skip Miller has been running the Regional Airport Authority for 12 years — and with few bumps in the road. We talk about travel issues in Louisville and how the industry has changed as air travel in Louisville has grown. Skip will be the featured speaker Nov. 10 at the Breakfast of Champions event at the University Club, and you’re welcome to attend,.

The scandal story at U of L continues to make headlines, though I believe listening to talk radio about the issue can actually lower your intelligence. This week, Katina Powell attorney Larry Wilder gave an interview that got lots of attention, saying that Powell won’t be talking to anyone else about the events without immunity from prosecution. The election for Kentucky governor is next Tuesday, and I’m more against Bevin that for Conway. You’ll notice the FFA is in town, and its  Breeders Cup weekend. All that and more on another exciting episode of the Rusty Satellite Show.

Skip Miller at his office at the Airport. He will speak at the Breakfast of Champions Nov. 10. Photo by Bill Brymer
Former Miss USA Tara Conner