Tendai Charasika’s Super Gig; Good Policy with Sarah Davasher-Wisdom


No one’s getting affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder around here — it’s January, the sun’s out and I even got to play golf last week. It is time to get serious about business, though, and Rusty’s guests are showing leadership in the business community.

We start with Tendai Charasika, who you may remember as a late 1990’s football player at U of L. Today, Tendai is CEO of a fascinating company, SuperFanU, located in an impressive 7,400 square feet of space in the Germantown Lofts. He heads a team of more than two dozen smart folks who help universities, high schools, professional teams and others build and maintain an active online fan base. Their products allow fans to check it at events, promote their teams and earn prizes. Charasika has also worked at Greater Louisville Inc., where he once headed the Enterprise Corp.

GLI, of course, is where Sarah Davasher-Wisdom coordinates policy initiatives that are pro-business, and she’s having a good time now that the Republicans control things in Frankfort. She talks with me about some of the pro-business initiatives she’s working on, and about GLI’s annual meeting, which took place on Wednesday.

That event featured John Schnatter as the keynote speaker — who may, or may not, have talked about his new responsibilities as a University of Louisville Trustee. I had some fun with a Dan Johnson piece of news. The Metro Councilman authored a resolution in support of Louisville’s pursuit of an NBA franchise, yet neglected to mention to his colleagues that the league has no intention of expanding, to Louisville or anywhere else. And his anonymous source was apparently a blog post that we reported on last week. The team that we already have and love, the Louisville Cardinals, rebounded from a loss at Florida State with a record-breaking 55-point win at Pittsburgh, but lost point guard Tony Hicks to a broken hand. In Frankfort, a couple of lawmakers seem to believe that being in power means they can ignore the Constitutional provision about the separation of church and state, putting forward a bill that would have our kids learning the Bible in public school.

Sarah Davasher-Wisdom at GLI
Tendai Charasika at SuperFanU