The “Most Interesting People in the ‘Ville” in 2015


It’s time to take a look back at the most interesting people in the ‘Ville in 2015 — and I’ve invited Cyndy Tandy, a guest on Show #1, to join me in the studio.

In 2015, the show took me to a bar, a boat, a museum, a kitchen, a hotel, a university, a racetrack, a TV station and even a doctor’s office or two. I talked with a martial arts expert, a beauty queen, a cellist, a disc jockey, an ex-jockey, an Underdog and an auctioneer. There was the well-known A.D., a trio of weather guys, an ex-QB, a soccer GM, a gas guy and the mouth of UK sports. I spoke with politicians and comedians, coaches and a Chai distributor. Bourbon-themed guests included a tour guide, an attraction host and the man behind chocolate-flavored whiskey. And we met the city’s dynamic chocolatier.

There were entrepreneurs who make sheets, potato chips and whiskey — a diaper fairy, a world-renowned photographer and a life coach. I introduced you to my people — my girlfriend, two of my sons, my foot doctor, my golf fitness guy, my other fitness doc, my technology guru and my favorite musicians and bar owners. I talked to storytellers in media and those who bring you local art. There were folks who do good work and those who make your life easier, or better, or who entertain you. All right here in my hometown, Louisville, KY.

Join me and Cyndy as we look back on the Most Interesting People in the ‘Ville in 2015. Many of the following photos by Bill Brymer