Tim Faulkner on his Portland Gallery; Finishing the Rabbit Hole with Kaveh Zamanian


If you haven’t been to an event at the Tim Faulkner Gallery in Portland, you’re missing a local treat. The 26,000 SF facility is home to an eclectic collection of art on display, and an event space unlike any other in the city. And there’s a coffee shop. I caught up with Tim to discuss changes in Portland and how his Gallery has evolved in the 10 years since he opened it.

Another amazing spot you can look forward to seeing shortly is the Rabbit Hole Distillery in NuLu. Bourbon City guest of the week Kaveh Zamanian was last on the show in October, 2016, at a time when construction was just beginning. Now he’s planning the city’s best Derby Night party in the soon-to-be completed event space. Hear from Kaveh about the journey.

I’ve got some interesting news items involving Rusty Satellite alumni, including how an office-seeker reacted to Congressman John Yarmuth proudly wearing his ‘F’ rating from the NRA on his lapel. Our favorite judge, Stephanie Pearce Burke, convinced one young man in the courtroom to act like a grownup and pull up his pants. I went to a play at Actors this week, and saw the final appearance of the 2018 Cardinals at the Yum! Center.

There’s also an update on my health optimization with Heuser Health, and a reminder that our EatDrinkTalk podcast is coming back shortly. Also, I’m looking for a listener to come to the studio and co-host a future segment with me.

Thanks for listening to the city’s most interesting podcast.

Kaveh Zamanian at Rabbit Hole’s construction site
In his event space, Tim Faulkner