Tracy Beale’s New View on Life; Hunter Embry Makes (Seven) Sense on Preston


Close watchers of local media know that a woman named Tracy Blue was the publisher of the Voice-Tribue newspaper for nearly a decade. Then, she walked into her office one day and learned her husband was filing for divorce, accusing her of infidelity with a famous football coach, and firing her from her job. Eight months later, the same woman, now calling herself Tracy Beale, is returning to publishing with her own online magazine, called Tab’s View. Beale has already invested in a staff, struck deals with designers and writers, and put up billboards with her face on them around town. So she’s all in, and I ask her about the journey from there to here.

If you’re a fan of local music, you’ve no doubt been to see a show at the New Vintage on Preston, where Hunter Embry books multiple acts every week. On August 27, he’s got 40, yes 40, local bands coming to the Seven Sense Festival, an all-day music, food, drink and arts festival taking place on four stages, where 10,000 people are expected to drop by. Listen in as Hunter explains some cool history of the place you may have known as Uncle Pleasant’s, and about plans for the free shows on Preston.

After a brief vacation to Michigan, I’m back to paying attention to the media and point to a great piece on the downfall of journalism by John Oliver on HBO. School started at JCPS this week, and for the first time since 1995, there’s not a Redding related to me enrolled at any school. And we’ve got a great event to look forward to this weekend with the Bourbon Mixer. Read about all of this and more on and

Hunter Embry at the New Vintage
Tracy Beale is starting a new online magazine