Why Ice Cream Makes Us Happy with Tim Koons McGee and Architecturally Speaking with Steve Wiser

Tim Koons McGee at the Comfy Cow
While you may be thinking non-stop hoops, Rusty visits a leading author and architect in NuLu as well as an entertaining ice cream entrepreneur on Frankfort Avenue.

Steve Wiser has written plenty of books about the city’s rich architectural history and he’s got some thoughts on our future, too. He also breaks some news about a historic structure getting new life.
If just saying “ice cream” brings a smile to your face, imagine the fun of talking with an ice cream entrepreneur. Tim Koons McGee invited me to the Comfy Cow HQ on Frankfort Avenue and told me the inspiring story of how he and his husband/business partner are growing the business.

In addition, you’ll hear about Dave Barry’s appearance at the downtown library, a new play at Actors and three media stories making news. This one is about LEO News Editor Joe Sonka’s battles with Mitch McConnell’s campaign. This one is about the University of Louisville’s policy of paying hush money to retiring administrators, and this one is about the media winning a court battle with the state over open records laws. Oh year, there’s some talk about basketball.