Barbara Sexton Smith’s “Re-Wirement”; Keeping it Weird with Summer Auerbach

Photo by Bill Brymer

It’s spring break week for a lot of Louisvillians, but for the rest of us it’s business as usual. And that means talking to some great local personalities on the Rusty Satellite Show. Barbara Sexton Smith had already accomplished a great deal when she left the Fund for the Arts a few years back, but now she’s determined to play a role in the city’s business as a Metro Council member, representing a diverse district that includes downtown. In her “re-wirement” she’s out on the campaign trail and knocking on doors.

If you go to Summer Auerbach’s office upstairs at the St. Matthews store, you’ll see framed prints of stories written about her by nearly every publication in town, so it’s a wonder it took so long to have her on this show. Summer got on board early and served as president of the Louisville Independent Business Association, and may be the city’s greatest advocate for buying your stuff locally. Listen in to hear the story of how Keep Louisville Weird got started and continues today.

In the news, I can’t understand why members of the U of L Board of Trustees continue to support the Courier-Journal and President James Ramsey by buying full-page ads. They’re making a bad point —that despite Ramsey’s shenanigans with the U of L Foundation and overpaying subordinates, while enduring one scandal after another and even wearing a sombrero at a party — they’re all about keeping him in place. And spending their media dollars on full-page ads in the C-J just shows how out of touch they are with modern methods of communication. I’m looking forward to a few days in Arizona, but I’ll be back with another Rusty episode next week.

Barbara Sexton Smith. Photo by Bill Brymer
Summer Auerbach. Photo by Bill Brymer