30 Years at the Back Door with John Dant; An Art Sanctuary with Britany, Rita and Lisa

Sanctuary for Art

You may not know John Dant, but you’ve probably been a guest at the Back Door. With so many local establishments closing their doors, it’s refreshing to see a bar that’s been around for 30 years still going strong. And I met Bill Page, the muralist who paints all the walls there. He took my photo and promised to put me in the newest mural. John is participating in the Bardstown Road Boo Fest on Oct. 24, and hosts the city’s coolest Halloween Party.

In Germantown, there’s a huge and aptly-named haven for local artists — the Art Sanctuary. I went there and spoke with Britany Baker, Rita Cameron and Lisa Frye about all the events and activities going on there. I also got a nice tour of an Andy Warhol-related  photography exhibit. You should really check it out.

I’ll tell you about Josh Redding’s wedding, the Los Lonely Boys concert and a cool Jeffersontown Chamber event. In the news, a new section of the Louisville Loop opens, and an exciting new park in the East End. Best of all, there was an announcement about the new downtown bridge opening earlier than expected. I’ve got scandal fatigue, but there’s still news to report on what’s going on with the University of Lousville and, shall we call it Stripper-Gate? All this and more on a new episode of the Rusty Satellite Show.

Britany Baker, Rita Cameron and Lisa Frye at the Art Sanctuary. Bill Brymer photo
John Dant at the Back Door