Bourbon City Guests Times Two – for SkillsUSA and Fleur De Flea

I was feeling reflective and, on the occasion of the 5-year anniversary and show #260, listened to the very first Rusty Satellite Show from June 25, 2013. It wasn’t that bad, and I got to remember Mark Hebert of the University of Louisville talking about what a great guy his boss James Ramsey was. And a lot more has changed through these five years.

This week’s show, with lovely guest co-host Laura Wallace, features two Bourbon City Guests of the Week, brought to you by the Louisville Convention and Visitors Bureau. The first one may restore your faith in America’s youth. It’s Tim Lawrence, the top exec of SkillsUSA, and student MacKenzie Oestreich, who tell me why 19,000 high-achieving champions are walking Louisville’s streets this week. If you’re listening on Thursday, you can still go to the KEC and see these brilliant students compete.

I got to visit a wonderful, unique spot downtown to talk with David Levine and Lisa Porter, who are the brains and energy behind this weekend’s vintage urban market at the Waterfront, Fleur De Flea. Their warehouse on Main Street is dark and full of “vintage” stuff, like a singing half-Elvis.

There’s also plenty of news to get to – how Gov. Bevin believes that phones are the big cause of school shootings, how Mitch McConnell’s life was made unpleasant by protestors in D.C. and a trio of sports-related stories — the groundbreaking of the soccer stadium, the West End’s $30 million track and field facility and new restaurants planned at the new TopGolf at Oxmoor.

On the agenda — the 2013 NCAA Champion Cardinals are gathering at Fourth Street Live, and Taylor Swift is in town for a big show.

David Levin and Lisa Porter of Fox on the Run Productions.
MacKenzie Oestreich and Tim Lawrence at the Fairgrounds for the SkillsUSA event