Funtown Time with Will Russell; Sean Vandevender’s Green Vision

From Funtown

Tired of snow and cold and cancellations? Well, neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night would keep the Rusty Satellite Show from arriving safely online on Thursday mornings.

Our most interesting person of the week is Will Russell, he of Lebowski Fest and Why Louisville fame, who invited me over to his basement/playroom to talk about his really cool project, Funtown Mountain. Hear about how Will is giving Cave City’s famed roadside attraction new life.

I braved frigid temps to go to the Garage Bar for a talk with Sean Vandevender, who is doing important work on sustainability with his entrepreneurial venture, EcoBridge Industries. He’s also a former political lobbyist, so you’ll get to hear his answer to my question — what do lobbyists do? And there’s an update on the legality of hemp in Kentucky.

in media news, we’re sorry to hear about the latest physical setback for beloved WAVE-TV anchor Dawne Gee. And down at Sixth and Broadway, it’s another step toward irrelevance as the paper closes its Washington bureau and asks all its reporters to reapply for their jobs. No one likes bad weather during Sweeps Month more than TV station GMs. And I look ahead to the Healing Place’s Celebrate Freedom Dinner and the city’s best Oscar party. All on a great episode of the Rusty Satellite Show.

Sean Vandevender of EcoBridge Industries
Will Russell of Funtown Mountain