Mindy Peterson Bridges the Divide; Lou Year’s Eve with Lucy Dalton


What to my wondering eyes should appear — a brand new bridge in the city of Prospect. Yes, Virginia, you can get to Utica, Ind. now without going all the way downtown. The East End Bridge opens Dec. 18, and I wanted to get the lowdown on the new bridge from Mindy Peterson, who was here back in March to talk about all the talk about tolls. Well now I’ve got my RiverLink account set up and am ready to pay good money to go to Indiana. Mindy talks about the big project, which she’s been a part of since the beginning.

It’s December, and time to plan your New Year’s Eve, or Lou Year’s Eve, as Lucy Dalton calls it. Thanks to Lucy, this year that means a big celebration will take place on Main Street involving dozens of arts organizations, museums and musical acts. It lasts all day, until a giant disco ball descends onto the Kentucky Center for the Arts ushering in 2017. Dalton saw these types of celebrations in a bunch of other cities, and brought the idea home, getting Mayor Fischer and almost every arts organization in town on board.

It’s been a big week for a number of former guests of the show, so I’ll catch you up on what’s happening and how they found themselves back in the news. We start with a visit to a Portland restaurant, a part of Gil Holland’s renaissance there, move to the Mile Wide Brewery, where Scott Shreffler is a partner. Plus, there’s news from Matthew Landan of the Haymarket Whiskey Bar, U of L A.D. Tom Jurich, Louisville Orchestra conductor Teddy Abrams, Forecastle founder J.K. McKnight, publisher Tracy Beale and entertainer Wil Heuser. And regrettably we have news that Jeff Brohm will no longer be calling plays down at WKU. It’s all in an information-packed episode of the Rusty Satellite Show.

Lucy Dalton
Mindy Peterson