Tom Owen’s Historic Ride; Paul Tuell Serves Up Some Chocolate Whiskey


My favorite bicycle-riding historian, Tom Owen, sat down at Metro Hall with me and I had one big question – why in the heck does he want to close the bars down at 2 a.m.? But that wasn’t all we discussed in our entertaining 12 minutes, and I sure hope he decides to file the paperwork for another term on the Council.

Paul Tuell took me on a WhiskeyAdventure at Sidebar, explaining the business of bringing a new whiskey brand to market. He should know after 20 years or so at Brown-Forman. Tuell’s Ballotin Chocolate Whiskey has only been at your local bar for a few weeks, and I think as word spreads it’s going to gain a huge following.

Of course, I recorded this show while on Percocet. Dr. George Quill performed successful surgery on my ankle on Monday, and I’m homebound for a while on pain-killing drugs. In between binge-watching TV, I noticed news about the Courier-Journal and the University of Louisville, and helped launch a new podcast on the network — Louisville Uncovered.

Paul Tuell at Sidebar
The Metro Council’s Tom Owen
Sidebar’s Ballotin Whiskey Milkshake